Toyota 4Runner (2003-2008) Seat Brackets

Weight: 5.00 LBS
Height: 24.00 Inches
Width: 6.00 Inches
Depth: 6.00 Inches
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Key Features

  • All ExtendMySeat brackets and necessary bolts are included for complete installation.
  • All ExtendMySeat seat brackets will provide 3-6 inches of additional legroom.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets are fabricated from a single piece of 10-gauge steel rated at 38,000 PSI tensile strength.
  • All ExtendMySeat brackets are powder coated black.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets can be installed in 30 minutes with simple tools.  No welding, cutting or drilling required.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets are 100% Made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets DO NOT affect normal seat position. 
  • ExtendMySeat brackets work with power and non-power seats.

Take your legroom from this to this.

Here's our 6' 5" founder showing you what you'll get...


Customer Reviews (8)


Posted by ryan halsey on 3rd Feb 2021
Install was mostly easy, couldn’t give 5 stars because the rails weren’t as custom as I would have liked, I had to use a lot of force to get the inner rail into its place because the underside comes into contact with the slope between the floor and the middle console. Had to force this into position for it to work but once it did everything else was easy

All but...

Posted by Paul Ackermann on 25th Jan 2021
The seat extenders were easy to install and work well allowing me to sit more comfortably in my vehicle. I didn’t like the fact that the original plastic end covers that make the seat track more finished looking don’t work with the seat extender system. The rear caps still function, but the front cover caps no longer secure properly to the original seat rail. When I move the seat forward, the caps drop onto the front floorboard.


I initially worried about seat belt fit since the left side is anchored to the pillar, and also the steering wheel/airbag positioning when the seat was farther back. The belt still fits properly, and using the steering wheel extension feature (which I had never previously used!) made my second concern not an issue. Initially I extended the seat back to where my legs were straight and horizontal, like in my old TR-4 (I was amazed that the brackets added that much room), but found that I could not exert sufficient force on the brake peddle, so moved the seat forward. Also, look at the on-line instructions in addition to the paper copy that came with the brackets (see next question). How could we improve the process? I dreaded the installation process, particularly because the seats on our Limited are electric, but the installation was quite simple, requiring no one else to help position the seat (which I thought might be necessary). However, the written instructions explicitly said the bent sides of the brackets had to face outwards. I could not get the inboard bracket attached, and finally went to your web site, where I found that for a 4Runner, the bent sides had to face inwards. You should revise the written instructions in big, bold letters.

Do not suffer discomfort one more day!

I rate this product a 10/10, If 10 is standing on top of the Empire State Building with a megaphone then 10 Do not suffer discomfort one more day! Wish I had done this years ago! A really easy fix for a problem , which should not exist in the first place, if small Asian car designers did not impose their body types on large Western people!

Call ExtendMySeat!

Posted by Mike Wood on 8th Mar 2012
Working with the crew at to create new brackets for my 4Runner was a wonderful experience. The build quality is amazing and the materials are thicker than the OEM materials. Installation takes only a few minutes and simple tools. Anyone can do it. At 6’1”, it made driving comfortable again. If the engineer who built your car forgot about tall people too, give these guys a call, they can help!

Simple 20 Minute Install

Posted by Dave V. on 2nd Mar 2012
Until I discovered these brackets I thought I was going to have to sell the '06 4runner that I had just bought. My knees were "killing" me on my daily 30min. drive to work. I installed the brackets in less than 20min during my lunch break. They are a simple, easy solution to add more leg room and you couldn’t ask for better customer service. Thanks for a brilliant product!


Posted by Randy Macias on 1st Mar 2012
Anyone that is still questioning whether or not to buy this product is wasting more time...BUY IT!!! I'm 6'2 no longer living in a small mans world...enjoying all the extra leg room every time I commute to work. Thanks to the owner for making this product and saving guys like me.

4Runner Ready For Road Trips

Posted by Mike D. on 13th Feb 2012
I purchased a set of the seat brackets for my 4Runner with power seats. I am 6'6" and love my 4Runner for the versatility however the legroom was brutal on long drives and road trips. After about 40 minutes, I had the extendmyseat brackets installed and ready for use. The bracket quality is amazing! What a game changer! I highly suggest the brackets for anyone seeking additional legroom. An added bonus was that I now can sleep in my front seat very comfortably with the added legroom. It like i am sitting in a first class seat. Thank you Extendmyseat
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