Why ExtendMySeat?

ExtendMySeat sells extender brackets which instantly provide drivers a minimum of three to six inches of additional legroom. Extending your seat makes driving more enjoyable and ergonomic.

Is the installation process easy?

Yes, all brackets have been precisely engineered to fit your car. The brackets are easily installed with simple tools. There is no grinding, drilling or cutting. ExtendMySeat offers instructional files and YouTube videos documenting the installation process on our website.

I do not see my vehicle listed, do you make a product for my car?

Unfortunately we do not have a product for every car.  All of our available solutions are listed on our site. 

Will you ship Internationally? 

Yes, we will ship anywhere the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service will deliver.

Will my seat still move forward and backward?

Yes, your seat will retain all its normal functions. The brackets work on manual and power seats.

Will the seat extenders affect my normal driving position?

No, extending your seat makes driving more enjoyable and ergonomic.

Will the brackets work with power seats?

Yes, ExtendMySeat brackets are compatible with power and manual seats.

Will my airbag sensor be disabled? 

No, ExtendMySeat does not require one to alter a cars airbag sensor(s).  We do not recommend tampering or disabling any factory sensors. 

Is it safe?

Safety is the number one priority at ExtendMySeat.  We only use the highest-grade materials.  The ExtendMySeat fabrication process uses precise automotive engineering and state of the art manufacturing techniques.  All brackets are laser cut from hefty, single sheet 10-gauge steel and manufactured in the USA.

Can I install the brackets myself?

Yes, you can install the brackets yourself.  You can find all installation guides on our website.

Can the brackets be removed?

You can easily uninstall your brackets.

What if I want ExtendMySeat brackets for a different car than what is available online? 

Please fill out the contact form located on our website.  We are a growing company, fabricating new product daily.

What grade are the bolts which are supplied with the brackets?

EMS ships each order out with grade 8 bolts which are stronger than the OM provided bolts.

What gauge steel do you use to make the brackets?

10 gauge steel.  Each bracket is individually laser cut from a single piece of steel.


ExtendMySeat provides after market products to the automotive industry and not responsible to installing or altering your vehicle. 

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