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What is ExtendMySeat?

ExtendMySeat is a revolutionary automotive product that gives drivers an additional 3-6 inches of legroom. This is especially convenient for tall drivers who are often cramped with the typical amount of legroom in their vehicles.


Our brackets are available for a variety of makes and models and they're easy to install. With simple tools and the provided bolts, you can install ExtendMySeat in about 30 minutes! No welding, cutting or drilling is required. The brackets do not affect normal seat position and they can be installed on both manual and power seats.


Fabricated from a single piece of 10-gauge steel rated at 38,000 PSI tensile strength, ExtendMySeat brackets are safe and strong. We stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee and are proud that all ExtendMySeat brackets are Made in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the installation process easy?
Yes, all brackets have been precisely engineered to fit your car. The brackets are easily installed with simple tools. There is no grinding, drilling or cutting. ExtendMySeat offers instructional files and YouTube videos documenting the installation process on our website.


Are ExtendMySeat brackets safe?
Safety is the number one priority at ExtendMySeat. We only use the highest-grade materials. The ExtendMySeat fabrication process uses precise automotive engineering and state of the art manufacturing techniques. All brackets are laser cut from hefty, single sheet 10-gauge steel and manufactured in the USA.


Will my seat still move forward and backward?
Yes, your seat will retain all its normal functions.


Will the brackets work with power seats?
Yes, ExtendMySeat brackets are compatible with power and manual seats.

Don't leave home without them!

Without my seat extenders I could not drive my Prius! I'm 6'6" tall with a 36" inseam. They are so easy to install it really only takes minutes. I love 'em! The brackets are very strong as I have 90,000+ miles on mine and they look and feel like new. What can I say but "I don't leave home without them".

-- Tom H.

"Installation could not have been easier! Brackets are solid, fit perfectly, and do not look like an add on item. Leg room to spare - I'm 6 ft tall. My 5'2" in tall wife still finds Rav comfortable to drive."

-- Jack L

"I rate this product a 10/10, If 10 is standing on top of the Empire State Building with a megaphone then 10. Do not suffer discomfort one more day! Wish I had done this years ago! A really easy fix for a huge problem."

-- Kelly

"My seat extenders arrived yesterday and this morning BEFORE I went to work I installed them in less than 30 minutes. I had a new car to drive to work. I should have done this on day one."

-- Jim

"Ordering, the time it shipped to my doorstep, everything was stellar. I am at a loss as to how I would improve the product. From start to finish only took me 20 minutes to install! Love it!"

-- John S.

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