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This is a business for tall people by tall people.


Are you frustrated that cars today are getting smaller and smaller? The majority of cars are NOT designed for people taller than six feet. ExtendMySeat offers seat extender brackets, which instantly provide drivers a minimum of three to six inches of additional legroom.

A 6’5” Prius owner Griffin Cogorno who desired a solution for a better driving experience founded ExtendMySeat in 2007. Eager to have more legroom, Griffin searched the internet to find a solution; unfortunately, he did not have any success so he enlisted the help of a local fabrication shop to create custom extender brackets. The fabrication shop quoted Griffin over $2,000 for custom extender brackets. Determined to find a more economical solution Griffin decided to pull the seat out of his own Prius, make a steel template, complete a CAD drawing, and create a proto-type with the help of a 100 year old manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, California.

ExtendMySeat has sold over 10,000 custom extender brackets worldwide, but more importantly, has provided a better driving experience for tall drivers.

The ExtendMySeat fabrication process uses precise automotive engineering and state of the art manufacturing techniques. All brackets are laser cut from hefty, single sheet 10-gauge steel and manufactured in the USA. ExtendMySeat offers extender bracket solutions for over 40 makes and models.

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Our manufacturing facility is located in City of Industry, CA

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