Toyota Prius V (2012-Present) Seat Brackets

Weight: 5.00 LBS
Height: 24.00 Inches
Width: 6.00 Inches
Depth: 6.00 Inches
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Key Features

  • All ExtendMySeat brackets and necessary bolts are included for complete installation.
  • All ExtendMySeat seat brackets will provide 3-6 inches of additional legroom.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets are fabricated from a single piece of 10-gauge steel rated at 38,000 PSI tensile strength.
  • All ExtendMySeat brackets are powder coated black.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets can be installed in 30 minutes with simple tools.  No welding, cutting or drilling required.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets are 100% Made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • ExtendMySeat brackets DO NOT affect normal seat position. 
  • ExtendMySeat brackets work with power and non-power seats.

Installation video from a happy customer:


Take your legroom from this to this.

Here's our 6' 5" founder showing you what you'll get...


Customer Reviews (4)

Works Great 2015 Prius V

Posted by BradW on 11th Mar 2015
These brackets work great. Gained 6" easy. My only complaint was they updated the designed compared to the video and they do not include any instructions. The new design changes it to only 3 brackets. Left side, close to the drivers door covers front and rear bolts. Super easy and a nice bracket. The right side is 2 separate brackets. The right front bracket bolts right in but if you have the JBL Upgraded system, I believe its the cars amp is in the way and has to be relocated. I tried to contact extendmyseat but still waiting for a call back as I don't have a great fix for amp. The rear bracket was confusing at first and took me a bit to see how it installs. I realized you need to cut the carpet and remove some foam. This is exactly how the factory bolts in so by moving the bracket back, you need to clearance the floor to allow the bracket to sit correctly. Not a big deal, but would of liked instructions explaining this. The foam cuts really easy and nice and straight with a basic 1" puddy knife. No need to use a carpenters knife on the foam. The carpet is super cheap so cut very slow. Other then that, the brackets are really nice quality and fit perfect.

Happy? Yes. Very Much!

Posted by Bob Crow on 17th Feb 2014
Easy to install, don't tighten ANYTHING until they're all in. Only way to improve the process.... charge me

Thankk You!

Posted by Walt on 10th Dec 2012
Removing the driver’s seat, I found a plastic covered case. This cover seemed to protect an electronic box. It prevented the placement of the right front bracket. You recommended moving that box. Forward on the plastic cover are two pinch fasteners holding the cover down. These need to be “worked” to let go of the front of the box. Lifting up on the front edge you can push hard on the cover aft, the cover will slide off of the inside back pins. I just pulled the back of the cover up until the pins pulled out. What is exposed is an aluminum electronic case and wire harness. It is mounted in the front by two 12mm bolts and one peg in a hole aft. Taking the two 12mm bolts out, I was able to rotate the package counter clockwise “one hole” and put in the one bolt. This left an unused bolt. Taking care with the wire harness, the seat bracket could then be placed. Protect / pad the wire harness from chafe around the seat bracket. The plastic cover for the electronic case could not be replaced as is. I feel the cover is very important to the function of the case. It would prevent the case from being covered up and over heating. It also would allow the case to “breath”. I wanted to find a way to cover the case. I cut a wedge out of the cover where the seat bracket blocked it. This allowed me to replace the cover. The rest of the installation of the extend my seat package went as described. It is nice having the leg room. Thank you for the encouragement.

Legroom is Epic

10 Very Likely. I was really thinking of selling my Prius for something with more room, but after getting the extend my seat brackets, I feel less cramped. My knees aren't hitting the awkward center console anymore. I'm able to raise my seat up a little to get my arms higher on the steering wheel without hitting my head on the ceiling. All in all a great investment If your feeling cramped in your vehicle, check out You will not be disappointed.
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